How do I use an SF-182?

SF-182 process

The Standard Form-182 (SF-182) is the Request, Authorization, Agreement and Certification for Training Form, which is used for purchasing training and certification exams for the federal government using unit or agency funding. This includes DoD, DoS, FEMA, USAID, DHS, etc.

Here are your steps for utilizing an SF-182:

  • The unit or agency fills out the SF-182. Specific codes must be entered and are listed at the bottom of the instruction sheet of the form. The forms below have RBLP-specific codes prefilled in. 
  • The SF-182 needs to be approved by the unit or agency's responsible officer or someone that can authorize the spending of unit or agency funds. 
  • Once the SF-182 is approved, the unit or agency's point of contact can purchase exam vouchers HERE.

The SF-182 blank can be found at 

We have prefilled the SF-182 for each level: